Haven Update - December 28, 2011

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Haven Update - December 28, 2011

Post by CL on Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:25 pm

Good day Haven-lings! Now for the updates:

Races Updates: We have now a set of Spellcaster specialties / classes. You may want to check them here.

Guides: For transparency and for your guidance, we have placed an Ability / Weapon Ability / Miscellaneous Creations Guidelines, which can be seen when you click this part. We want to make it clear that Spellcasters now only have 6 free spells. Don't worry, prices in spell packs will be lowered.

Bakemono Secret Shop: We have set up a new Bakemono Secret Shop, which includes old and new items. However this is still locked as we await our new stat system which is in the polishing stage.

Death and Revival System: We are thrilled (?) to announce that the Death and Revival System that we have is finally set aside. This means that there is no need now to add "No PK" / "NPK" or similar tags. We're going back to our old - school rule, which is "no player killing unless it is allowed / permitted by the character owner".

Rank Up Examinations: Also, on the third week of January 2012 we shall have our first Nexus and Chroma Rank - Up Examinations. If you want to apply for the said examinations, please click here.


Tobais Kado is back in the Admin Panel: And yes. Let's welcome back Tobais Kado in the Admin line! *confetti* (staff widget will be edited later).

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Re: Haven Update - December 28, 2011

Post by Tobais Kado on Wed Dec 28, 2011 2:32 pm

on another note, If haven will have me back I may step back into the staff line again.


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