What's Up, Haven? (March 1, 2012 issue)

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What's Up, Haven? (March 1, 2012 issue)

Post by CL on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:05 am

And for the news...

New Head Moderator

Finally we got a head moderator (fyi, a head moderator is like a mini-admin. Aside from the usual approvals, he can do ryo transactions, can throw events, and has a voice in decision making)! Let's give our favorite tree, Brynmor, a pat at the back for the promotion.

New Fraide

And we got a new leader for Forge. All hail Gunslinger, the new Fraide!

New Nexus --- Just in Time

The results of the first Havenwide Nexus - Chroma Examinations which was held last January something paved the way for 4 users to become Nexus: Brynmor, Ghost, Kiyoraka Shinzui and Rickard Albarn. And just in time before the first rank paychecks were released, two more users ranked up from Civilian to Nexus ---- Dalton Grey and Yubie Zeta! Congratulations guys.

Anyway, if you want to change your ranks, you may do so by putting your requests HERE, but be sure you meet certain requirements! Check The Ranks Guide for more info.

First Paycheck!

The first pay for the people in ranks were given during the first hour of the leap day --- February 29. As a recap, this is what each people in ranks got:

Military Ranks:
Nexus - 50,000
Chroma - 55,000
Polaris - 60,000
Excidio - 65,00
Country Leader - 70,000

Fugitive Ranks:
Outlaw - 50,000
Meister Outlaw - 60,000
Overlord - 70,000

Special Ranks:
Guia - 65,000

The next pay will be given around March 15-17.

People of the Month

February's people of the month are -------

Staff of the Month - Staff's Pick: Kazuya Masato
Staff of the Month - Member's Pick: Brynmor
Member of the Month - Staff's Choice: Ember
Member of the Month - Member's Choice: Yenomrah

They will all receive 100,000 ryos, their pictures in the whole forum for one month, plus a round of applause.

And for the first time in Haven, we got an up-close and personal interview with our Members of the Month. Check the spoilers!

Yenomrah's Interview:

1. You were picked as Member of the Month by the Staff for January, and now you're the Member of the Month as picked by the members for February. Congratulations. How do you feel about that?

I must say that I feel surprised again. I didn't expect to be Member of the Month chosen by the staff on January, I'd only been here for a few weeks. Being picked as Member of the Month by members for February is surprising as well, I had no idea that I'd gained such a positive reputation here. I'm grateful for the recommendations, but I've noticed that most of the members are not voting. I do wish to thank the ones that did vote though, and another thanks to those that voted for me.

2. The members seemed to like you a lot, even if you've only joined last January. They say you deserve to be Member of the Month. What's the secret?

Secret? I don't think it's a secret. I do my best to be polite as much as I can, I enjoy making friends, and I'm more than eager to learn. I think that it's a positive way to be, and I do my best to maintain a positive attitude around the forum. Also, I post a ton, and participate with a good number of members, without leaving long periods of time in which threads go unanswered. Teamwork and shared beneficial experiences help everyone to enjoy a better time.

3. You have Yenomrah, Nesmine and Yubie Zeta as your characters here in Haven, all of them are interesting characters. Which of these characters do you think is a bit close to the real Yen IRL?

As far as my character design goes, I do my best not to allow too much of my real self leak through to any specific character. I also try to vary their appearance, history, and personality as greatly as I can. However, considering that they're my creations, and therefore a part of me, quite a lot of my personality shows. I consider each character a fragment of myself while I attempt to understand what it would be like to live another life with new circumstances in place. Also, My name Yenomrah is not related to my official and approved character's name, Chloë Adeline Reina. A mere mistake, I didn't know then that you could only have one character per account, and had created the account before I knew the information. I won't change it though, unless required. I like being called Yen in the chat box.

4. What is your dream RP thread?

That's difficult to say, isn't this all a dream? But anyway, my favorite RP threads generally involve carefully constructed plot with logical and inspirational dialogue. Long and complicated with a creative edge, it's simply the most intriguing to read. Perhaps an epic battle in between would be interesting, but nothing cliche.

5. Any message to RPGH members?

Any messages? Lots! I post and write pm's a ton! But that aside, I think that I would just like to say: Let's all enjoy ourselves with the good things on Haven. This is just a gaming forum, and we're meant to have fun - that's the designed purpose. Our time is not unlimited, let's spend it wisely making things better. Good luck all, and thanks again!

Ember's Interview:

1. Congratulations for being Member of the Month - Staff Pick. The staff thinks you've been here for quite a long time, and ardently being online like everyday and have active threads, which caught their attention in a positive way. How do you feel that you're MOTM now?

I'm stunned and flattered. Especially since I've gotten yelled at quite a few times by quite a few people.

2. People know you not only because you're friendly, but also because of your bold declarations of whatever you feel, especially when it comes to sex. Does it bother you that a few associate you with the S-word? What do you feel about it?

Hahaha it doesn't bother me at all! I proud of it actually and well I am who I am and if people don't like that I'm a horny sex-crazed girl then too bad for them.

3. If you don't mind, is the real Ember similar to the Ember in character?

No not at all. I'm a lot shyer IRL than when I am Ember. I would like to be as confident and sexy as Ember but I'm way to shy to be rubhead

4. What do we have to see or expect from IC Ember in the future?

Ummm I don't know. I don't really plan that stuff out. I do know that Ember will be getting married to Ragna. She will also be hunted down by Kuya's vampire, Alex o_o.

5. What is your message to RPGH members?

Lol I don't have any message to 'em except keep being awesome!

Congratulations to the People of the Month!

Top Posters for February

Certain changes are made to the prizes for the top poster of the month. Well, before we do the 1 post = 1 ryo rounded to the next tens, now we would do this:

First Place: 250k
Second Place: 225k
Third Place: 200k
Fourth Place: 175k
Fifth Place: 150k
Sixth Place: 100k
Seventh to Tenth Place: 50k

And now the winners:



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Re: What's Up, Haven? (March 1, 2012 issue)

Post by Gunslinger on Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:12 am


Now its time to blow it up!

Awesome! Im definately going to do some major reconstructing of the city, expect some tech ups!



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