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Post by Arelious on Wed May 09, 2012 3:42 am


Personal Information
Visual Age:Mid 20’s
Real Age:2015
Personality:In a word; Righteous. This of course leads to quite a bit of arrogance. He views anyone who questions his will as a blasphemer and an affront the Divine. He cannot be reasoned with unless there are severe circumstances involved. He feels above all mortal creatures and views there bickering as a parent would view fights between their children. He is a shoot first ask questions never kinda guy. When he gets an order from on high you can bet your ass he’s gonna follow it to the letter and he’s gonna most likely enjoy it. The one way to win him over is to intrigue him. He finds most of humanity and anything else mortal to be incredibly boring. They go about their day with their routines over and over, just the thought of it puts him to sleep, But if someone stands out in the sea of the world you can bet he’ll be watching.
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His wings can be summoned while in the mortal realm, but they appear as golden light instead of pysical wings. Also he carries his gloden holy sword serenity at his side.

Social Affiliation
Character Type:Celestial
Country: Kyre

Individual Statistics

Strength: Below Average
Speed: Great
Stamina: Below Average
Energy Source: Above Average
Intelligence: Below Average

Character History
Arelious was created a few millennia ago. Like most Angels he served the divine ruler of all. It was clear though that he was unlike many of the others who walked the heavens; he was different. Most celestial beings pandered to the precious mortals trying to aid them with miracles or other frivolous tasks, Arelious despised the work and speant his time constantly trying to figure out why the Great one paid these beings such honor and service.

After a few centuries of this mind numbing work, Arelious was scouted by one of the Archangels for a special task. You see the mortals on Earth had begun to worship false deities or turn their backs on religion all together. This was something that had the celestial command in a bit of a panic. This Archangel had been watching Arelious and saw his discontent sitting on the sidelines in the cosmos, so with the his blessing Arelious was sent to the realm of the mortals to walk among them in a mission to spread the word of the divine and punish those who refused to turn back to its light.
Before he left the cosmos, he was gifted a blade form the Archangel. The blade was called serenity, a pure gold broad sword forged by the hands of the strongest of the angels. Arelious took the blade and descended to the Earth where he has spent the better part of two centuries judging the living with the might of Serenity and receiving missions from the heavens, which he always carried out without question.
KEYWORDS: Trees. A lot of them.



Alternate Profiles:
Face Claim: Gilgamesh (Fate zero)
Source:referred by Hastur Vauxhall

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Re: Arelious

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Looks like I misread. You do indeed have all the keywords.


You live in Kyré.


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Re: Arelious

Post by Yenomrah on Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:49 am

The event has finished, and I'm now white-naming all that haven't posted in my activity check thread. PM us if you want this character back for re-evaluation.


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Re: Arelious

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