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[Description] Unnamed

Post by Dalton Grey on Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:29 am

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First Floor - Ground


Room 1 - Bedrooms:
Located on the first floor. This section is split into one main bedroom and six guest rooms, although there is little difference in size or furnishing between them. All beds are extremely comfortable. Each bedroom has an end table with a light, as well as a chair for relaxation and/or reading.

Room 2 - Library:
Located in the basement. This extensive library contains a large selection of classic and modern literature in various genres - often fictional. In addition, it has several texts on art, science, and magic. While clearly unable to rival the scale of Kyré's Grand Library, it contains a large number of rare books, including powerful spellbooks and antique classics - these are locked away securely in a stasis cabinet to prevent deterioration and theft. There is only one exit, which leads to the basement corridor.

Room 3 - Studio:
Located on the first floor. This section is where the tools of Dalton's trade are kept. It contains everything required for both digital and traditional art, and is always kept fully stocked with supplies; there are also smaller offshoots for photography and sculpture, although these are less often used. A flight of stairs leads directly into the gallery below.

Room 4 - Gallery:
Located in the basement. This large area is used to display both original and collected works of art, sorted by artist and time period. Despite its location, it is well-lit and atmospherically regulated to provide ideal storage conditions. A flight of stairs leads directly to the studio. The only other exit leads to the basement corridor.

Room 5 - Vaults:
Located in the basement. At the end of the corridor, a secure vault door is hidden behind a false wall. It is locked with a combination as well as a retinal, voice, and fingerprint/DNA scanner. The vaults are used to store especially valuable items, such as enchanted artifacts or priceless heirlooms; they also contain the armory. However, only a very small part of this space is currently in use.

Located on the first floor. The living room is equipped with several computer stations and digital entertainment systems, as well as a wall-mounted television that can retract into a storage compartment. The couch can seat at least four people, and other seats are available. Decorative paintings hang on the wall, and a soft, self-cleaning rug covers the floor.

Located on the first floor. The kitchen is fully stocked at nearly all times, and equipped with all the necessary tools to make just about any food item. Its tea-maker is particularly impressive; the device accepts both bag and loose-leaf tea, in addition to being equipped with automatic pressing, straining, and self-cleaning systems. Beside it is a tea shelf stocked with all varieties known to exist, sealed in a stasis-locker that keeps the contents fresh nearly indefinitely. All other food storage utilizes the stasis technology as well.

The dining room is found adjacent to the living room and the kitchen. It has a table large enough to seat around seven people, which is also equipped with a minor stasis field to keep food fresh for the duration of a meal.

Located behind the house. The garage is small, mainly intended as a hangar for the Nausicaä, but contains a fully stocked maintenance unit and has room for another small vehicle. Outside the house, there is room for a small airship to dock; the Kestrel is just barely within this size range.

Located on both floors. The two bathrooms are normal in most respects, save for the fact that they are designed to be mostly self-sufficient; the toilets break matter down into its constituent particles, and the baths possess small atomic synthesizer units that allow them to produce water, soap, and the like from any source material.

Defensive Barrier 'Svalinn':
Named for the legendary 'shield that stands before the sun' from Norse mythology, the house's customized defense system is a multifaceted set of layered barriers designed to protect against as many forms of damage as possible within the laws of physics, albeit with magical assistance. It consists of a solid plate beneath the house, a retractable plated dome, and a battery of energy shield projectors.

The plates are twenty centimeters thick, with composition virtually identical to Silaris ship armor from the Mass Effect series, although it was made through magical and technological means as opposed to mass effect fields. This allows them to resist staggering amounts of damage. The shield projectors combine an energized particle barrier with a magic-negating field in order to defend against both directed-energy weapons and spells.

While extremely durable, the shields are not indestructible; however, they are so difficult to breach that most attackers would simply give up before fully compromising them.

Deployment takes several minutes due to the sheer mass and weight of the dome plates, despite the presence of spells to mitigate the load, making it impractical in heated combat. Furthermore, as an extra measure, a hidden alternate activation switch will cause the shield to appear damaged and unable to retract when fully deployed; this was meant to provide a reason to dismiss persistent calls and visitors.

When the shields are deployed, lights all around the house's grounds engage to compensate for the lack of sunlight. In the gardens, these take the form of sun lamps.

A camera array is mounted atop the dome's central support, situated on the roof, to provide video coverage of the surrounding area; this array is only protected by the energy barriers and not the physical shield, although it is of durable construction.

(OOC: For war purposes, due to a power failure, Valk allowed an extension for the submission.)

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Re: [Description] Unnamed

Post by Macha on Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:53 am

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