Tirdelck Jerome

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Tirdelck Jerome

Post by Tirdelck on Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:51 pm

Jerome, Tirdelck

Personal Information
Name: Tirdelck Jerome
Nickname: Old Man Delck
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 45
Real Age: 32
Personality: Introverted unless familiar with him, Tirdelck is neutral in a sense that he does not let emotion cloud his judgement, he is loyal especially to his allies and friends and also if he judges someone worthy of it and extremely logic when it comes to facing off his enemies. Tirdelck's extraordinary intelligence is born from his illustrious history as a nuclear scientist during pre-apocalypse times. He never openly shows his dislike of people, but if one knows him well enough, it can be deduced from his posure and attitude. Another reason for this is perhaps he cannot openly despise the "intruding" races as the new system that tries to portray peace and order will now allow him to do so.

Appearance: Tall and lanky, appears to be frailer than his real age suggests, permanently impassive features, extraordinarily long fingers. Tirdelck assumes features that look both emaciated and incompetent.This cannot be further from the truth as such a figure looks all the more impressive when surrounded by magical blinding light generated by his extraordinary magical skills, or, as he puts it, scientific manipulation skills.

Social Affiliation
Character Type: Spellcaster
Country: Shinrei

Individual Statistics

Energy Source:average

Character History
Tirdelck was a staunch believer in the principles on physics which have been refined by great scientists over a course of 30,000 years, which is the span of human life before the apocalypse happened. His hatred towards this intruders was fuelled by both the loss of his family and a majority of his scientific colleagues at the CERN research center in Switzerland, the center of humanoid nuclear research. Tirdelck holds extreme disrespect for the self-importance of the intruder races as one of his numerous mottoes, as befits a scientist, is "Mediocrity recognises no higher form than itself, while it takes genius to recognise talent". As the new system takes hold, however, he has come to realise that the enemy was not as unworthy as their brutal tactics showed. The ancients, for example, hold such a high respect for the orders of nature to the extent they even let their numbers take a dearth, it was hard not to feel some vague admiration for them.

Excerpt from Tirdelck's diary, December 21 2012:
Today was predicted by the ancient Mayans as Armageddon day. I chuckled whenever I thought of the ridiculous theories that assumed an invisible planet could crash into planet Earth. Did they not realize the chances of the Mayan dates and predictions, after the decades of conversions and inaccurate calculations by the people who were not eligible to qualify as the intellectually advanced archaeologists studying the Mayan advance in science. What were the odds these theorists were mere attention seekers? I inwardly smirked as I entered my lab. After my breakthrough in the Higgs Boson discovery, there wasn't really much initiative or material for me to push forward. Perhaps it was time to strike up an acquaintance.

Little did I know, this was the day that my destiny would be dreadfully bent, my life flipped over, and my family taken from me.

I was on the street leading to Zurich Bank when screams erupted around me, piercing even through my Land Rover's top-notch soundproofing system. I looked up, doubts creeping into my mind regarding the Armageddon theories. The scenery that met my vision seemed straight out of the film "2012".

Grotesque creatures were shouting in an unintelligible language, some levitating in mid-air with pure light cocooning themselves, some free-falling towards the ground, gripping fearsome medieval weapons, all with hatred beyond imagination in their eyes. For moments I stood rooted to my car, gazing fearfully at these creatures which had destruction written all over their faces. My paralysis was, however, not to last long.

The magician-like creatures levitating in mid-air started directing arc after arc of white light at the close packed pedestrians and buildings, while the demonoid ground creatures bounded towards anybody they could see and slashed viciously. Resistance was out of the question, for these intruders seemed supernatural, nor were they disorganized. There was something primitive that I noticed in the sheer brute of their invasion, something that set alarm bells ringing in some equally primitive part of my brain.

I made a decision in split seconds, grateful for the logical cool which science had given me. Resistance would be futile, with chaos already widespread and so little known about the enemy. The other option, then, was escape. The car tyres screamed as I navigated my way through aisles, road dividers, chaotic traffic, legions of invaders, arc after arc of deadly pure energy, dead bodies, all the while thankful for my land rover's 853 horsepower 4000 cc engine, which effortlessly responded to my wants. I fished out my cellphone and dialed for the police. Such actions, were not needed, though, as I saw army trucks and military police speeding past my car towards the center of the invasion, which was rapidly spreading. Perhaps all would end well, after all. I headed home.

Apparently I was mistaken on the scale of the invasion or their objective. Vapour, with it the stench of death and despair were billowing from the site where my luxury condominiums used to stand. I gazed helplessly at the exposed earth, beneath where tons of concrete and steel once stood as I disembarked from my car. Somewhere underground, somewhere in the air, laid the souls of of Agon and Beate Jerome. I looked towards the sky, seeing a group of flying creatures in V-formation, moving away from my former residence. No tears came as I feel to my knees, not seeing the fierce battle raging on the horizon, all senses numbed from the sudden loss.

Yet some part of my mind knew this was not a dream, that it was perfectly true, and sadness and grief would do nothing to soothe my loss. Resistance and revenge would do better. I vowed, on that very spot, that this intruders would pay tenfold, not for me, not for my parents, but for mankind. I knew too, strength would not suffice in winning this battle.

Science would be the saviour.


Today, a fiery revolutionary working under the shield of peace and order portrayed by the new system of countries to restore humanoid rule of planet Earth, he finds the principles of magic similiar to that of humanoid science and toils tirelessly to push the boundaries of his race's magic further in order to gain an edge when facing off intruders standing in the ultimate objective of the humanoid descendants. This does not, however, put Tirdelck as a racially prejudiced war machine. The social web woven from his time as a scientist has evolved into a tightly knit structure of ultra-intelligent revolutionaries, consisting of Spellcasters, Alchemists and even some outstanding Metahumans who coldly despise creatures utilizing brute force to achieve a similiar goal. This, aside their hatred of the creatures deemed as intruders, is partly due to the secret technology, or magic, being researched by Tirdelck and his affliates. Bringing forth his scientific knowledge on humanoid nuclear technology and armed with magical prowess, this formidable group is striving to discover methods of destruction that are not based on the physical world but instead concentrations of certain particles.
Killing people. :D


Alternate Profiles: First character
Face Claim: Man in the jail from Clannad
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Re: Tirdelck Jerome

Post by Lance on Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:30 am

Approved, and you live in Shinrei, the first approval to live there in a while.


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Re: Tirdelck Jerome

Post by Raumulus on Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:20 pm

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Re: Tirdelck Jerome

Post by Spectre-K10 on Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:42 pm


Please send me the rest of your apps, and we can continue your reactivation, unless you want to start over, in which case have fun making new apps!

Still in Shinrei


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Re: Tirdelck Jerome

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