[Important Announcement] Unfortunate News

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[Important Announcement] Unfortunate News

Post by Lance on Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:00 am

This announcement is a sort of emergency broadcast to all members, concerning recently banned members and the reasoning behind them.

Abel XIV and Ray Ignazia have been banned from RPGH due to actively trying to selectively recruit members to leave Haven and join another site that they are in the midst of creating. The reason this is a bannable offense in this particular case is because it is a site where they are blatantly ignoring copyright laws, taking what they wish from RPGH. Additionally, in Abel's case, he is logging in to Haven for the purpose of sending private invites to people that he likes, and badmouthing the current staff in the chatbox. In Ray's case, he was a staff here, expected to respect the rules, and hold them to a higher standard than even the members. He failed to do so, was removed from staff, and banned.

If either of them had posted an advertisement in the proper section, they probably would not have been banned. If any of the others who have been invited and accepted said invitation wish to post an advertisement, more power to you. If you continue to selectively invite people, I will be forced to consider your site a hostile attempt on Haven, instead of the site that you wish to "become[...] its own independent and original site." At that point, I will remove more of you. It may seem harsh, but stealing is against the law, and this is the third time that someone has attempted something like this. As a sort of addendum, I would ask anyone who attends that site to please try not to name it anything resembling Haven. That would also qualify as hostile activity.


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