GhostXBombshell Shipping Fic [Non-Cannon]

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GhostXBombshell Shipping Fic [Non-Cannon]

Post by Codename: Bombshell on Wed Jan 02, 2013 1:16 am

The train was dimly lit as the moon shone bright over the desert tundra of Forge. Felicity checked her watch to find out it was an hour before midnight. Everyone on the train had already fallen asleep, everyone except Ghost. He was still drawing up plans for an attack against a few survivors of the group known only as the Kaleidoscope. The group had been raiding their hideouts for weeks now and Ghost wanted to get rid of this problem permanently.

Felicity walked over to the next car, seeing more of her comrades were asleep, save for the group at the far end of the car who were standing guard. She walked towards a dented door to the side. It slid open and the first thing she saw was her cyborg commander, polishing his guns. "You're still awake? You're not on shift." He asked as Felicity let herself in and grab a chair by his table. Ghost opened a drawer on his desk and pulled out a bottle of scotch and slid it over the table to his apprentice.

"Thanks." She said before taking a gulp strait from the bottle. "Do we really need this many people in on this operation?" Ghost didn't answer her and just continued with his cleaning. Felicity's attention strayed to the corner where she saw a blood stained knife just laying there on a tiny pool of blood, thrown away without a care. The blood was probably from the train controller. He didn't cooperate when they took over the train and locked himself in the room. Some of the grunts forced the door open, which explained the dents. Of course, the other passengers were dropped off unharmed in the middle of nowhere.

After a few more shots of scotch, Felicity pulled out a pistol from under her trench coat. Placing it on the table, she slid it towards Ghost. "All fixed. Didn't you know that guns were for shooting, and not for whacking?"
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