Free Talk Announcement!

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Free Talk Announcement!

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:38 pm

Hey doomed people!

The current active staff - that's Alpha Cygni, me, and Alpha Cygni and me - decided that it would be cool if we could bring Free Talk back to its old state --- we're allowing members without approved apps to spam post and have fun in Free Talk again. We also want to see those happy faces again. HOWEVER, sad to say, we have to retain the 0-ryo policy. What does that mean? Okay, we won't be bothered if you spam post there, but you're not going to get any more ryo. Also, we're not going to award Top Posters anymore. Get it?

And to remove all the hate, we plan to remove some old threads in there. Will that be OK? Cast your vote! We'll be keeping the major game threads. If you made a thread in Free Talk and you want it to remain there, PM us so we won't touch your things.


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Re: Free Talk Announcement!

Post by Yubie Zeta on Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:01 am

Hello. I was gone for much longer than it feels, it seems. Either way, I'm active again, and I can assist with this ploy - and I most certainly agree that we should organize that area, just like all the other areas. And I've never believed that ryo should be rewarded for Free Talk posts unless it's the focus of some kind of a special event. Regardless, you know where I've always stood on this, and I'm more than happy to assist with the changes.
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