[XX] Train Wreck [Closed to myself/May or may not open for invites.]

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[XX] Train Wreck [Closed to myself/May or may not open for invites.]

Post by Spectre-K10 on Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:26 am

Sector 27, Grid 5. An area found in a country unaffiliated with the powerhouses of Haven. It was located somewhere to the east of Forge. Underground railways connected this grid area to various locations, including a cave in Forge's eastern boarders. This network was only recently discovered. Not by Forgian authorities but by the Crimson Shadow, a newly formed mercenary group led by the individual known as "Null" by the underground society. The individual in question was a dangerous assassin and had many aliases, too many to keep track of so the underground collectively identified him as Null. His methods fitted his identity. He would wipe away evidence of his involvement to anything so efficiently that only an empty document would have surfaced.

That was five years ago... Now the individual had been identified by a collective that was kept in the dark, even from the underground society. Although this information stayed in the darkness for fear of the governments buying his aid, this also made him a target to over zealous mercenaries trying to make a name for themselves. But the sweet part of it all was that because of the leak, he managed to form his own group of mercenaries. He didn't even need to hold "insurance policies" like other groups did, his soldiers were all volunteers and they were free to come and go. The only thing he asks for is loyalty and to keep their brothers and sisters safe. They were more than just mercenaries, they were a family. And like any family, there is always a black sheep.

Black Sheep. That was the codename they gave to every mole and traitor. That was the equivalent of the black spot in that age old story of pirates. There were many traitors that were exempted from being given that name, mainly cause Ghost didn't like killing the men he himself trained. This death mark was only given to those who would put more than just his band in danger. So was the case of Gunnar Graves. The black sheep was caught leaking information to a rival group known as the "Black List." Why anybody would turn against their own family had always baffled Ghost, but they were just human. Humans make mistakes, and every mistake had it's consequence. Had Gunnar just stopped, Ghost wouldn't have been actively hunting him. But alas, he turn tailed and shot one of his ranking officers dead, and left two of his lieutenants badly injured in his last ditch effort to escape. As if that wasn't bad enough, Gunnar took a data chip that held the blue print to Ghost's newest weapon. He had spent so much time and money to develop it and would be such a shame to let some try-hards get their grubby little hands on it. Though their faces when they see the blueprint might be amusing. Since they went to all this trouble, perhaps he will have to show them his prototype.

Ghost looked around the train carriage which was occupied by his sleeping soldiers. The clock hands were both pointing strait up. He had instructed his men to sleep six hours ago so they wouldn't doze off during the mission. He looked outside only to see the bluish lights lining the walls of the underground tunnel. Whoever had this built didn't waste any resources at all. He could tell by just looking at the walls that this tunnel was built years ago, yet it didn't show any signs of fatigue. Ghost looked down on the reports scattered on his table. He picked up the folder which was stamped with "BLACK SHEEP" and shuffled through the pages, stopping at a certain page. This page held the latest information in their database about the traitor. A lot of names and places were censored out with a special type of ink that would ignite as soon as it came into contact UV light, for security purposes. He carelessly tossed the file back at his desk and leaned back on the soft, velvet seat. Just then, a soldier approached him and sat down on the opposite side of the table without so much as a peep. "Couldn't sleep?"


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Re: [XX] Train Wreck [Closed to myself/May or may not open for invites.]

Post by Codename: Bombshell on Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:10 am

Felicity watched the light appearing and disappearing on the roof of her room. She left the blinds partially open to see how many "blinks" she could count before she fell asleep. She had counted somewhere past five hundred but lost count. And she still didn't feel sleepy. The girl had been thinking about the operation. This was the first big mission she had taken, and worried if it would be her last. She knew the people who they were up against had high-tech stuff and a large amount highly trained soldiers, but she didn't know how her own company leveled against the one they were attacking. And that was what kept her up, uncertainty. But she couldn't understand it. Before, her life was always on the edge ever since the accident. She lived without any prior regards to her life, actively seeking to cause trouble with the authorities and punks alike. Even in her time in prison, things didn't change. But why now? Why did she worry about dying? She had so many brushes with death that she took a gun to the head as a joke.

She didn't understand it and it annoyed her to no ends. Felicity looked at the other girl across the room. She was sleeping soundly like a newborn child. Why was that so? Granted she was with this group longer than Felicity had been, but has she grown so used to the idea of fighting that it was just another day on the job? Probably so. Felicity got out of bed, not finding any reason to stay under the covers. She took her trench coat from the foot of the bed and lazily slung it on. Going to the dresser to fetch her shades, she saw herself in the mirror looking as much of a soldier as she was a mercenary. The red and white flame patch on her shoulder was worn with glory. She remembered the first thing they said to her when she joined the Shadows: "We can't give you medals, but body bags are no problem." It amazed her how nonchalantly they said that. It must be why she stayed.

Felicity walked to the door and swiped the ID card over the scanner. The door opened and allowed the light from the hall to flood into the room. "Fel? Where are you headed off to?" The roommate asked, sitting upright and rubbing her eyes. "Just going to stretch my legs. Can't sleep so I might as well wake up." Without waiting for a reply she went out into the hallway, the door closing behind her. The lights shone dimly over the sleeping soldiers to give them peace. They were all lying on the seats and on the floor since there was only one room on the train they hijacked. Being the only girls on the mission, the men had no problems with letting Felicity and Rose occupy the room. At the end of the car, she could make out the distinct figure of the cyborg she was working for-- with. Working with. He made it clear that everyone use "with" instead of "for." Something about not liking being called the boss.

Felicity took a bottle of wine left on one of the tables and sat across Roy, or as he preferred, Jack. Another thing he had problems with. For some reason, he didn't want to be called "Roy," even though Rose told her that that was his real name. Guilt of the past, she presumed. Roy or Jack, the past didn't matter. So long as she could trust this man with her life, then there was no problem. She was greeted with a simple question, for which she gave a simple answer. "No." She opened the bottle and drank strait from it, letting the liquid smoothly pass by her lips and down her throat. Drinking like this had lost it's touch when her body heightened it's tolerance.

Putting the bottle down, she picked up the file that was flung to the side earlier and skimmed through it. Roy didn't seem to mind. "So you sent 'Raven' to scout ahead? I don't know if you noticed, but that guy's been acting weird lately." She couldn't stand the clock's constant ticking, and knew she had to drown out the noise. The topic just popped up.
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