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Guild Revamp Interest Thread

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Guild Revamp Interest Thread

Post by Vishnu on Wed Mar 13, 2013 3:05 am

As we all know Free Sky has become stagnant. I want to form a new guild now, but before I start putting in work for it I would like some site input. So far I've been thinking about forming a guild that's more secretive. I even already have a name in mind. The purpose of this guild is going to mostly be for those who are "Spiritually Aware, or Spiritually Curious". Basically this group will consist of treasure hunters, assassins, researchers, mages, adventurers, and many other different type of character archetypes. This guild will also be full of members with "Ambition", you can expect a lot of internal conflicts to keep guild activities interesting. For now I have a bunch of basic ideas, and haven't really developed them beyond these thoughts. Please post in this thread if you would be interested in joining or would support having this guild on the site.


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Re: Guild Revamp Interest Thread

Post by celtic_wonder on Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:51 pm

I think that idea is very interesting... Maybe having a guild like that could add to some plot or be very involved in the site plot. I would hope it stays active though since most of the guilds have pretty much died on the site. Either way I would support having this guild on the site. MAybe if you need help brainstorming for ideas you can ask me for some help ^.^


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