Haven Restart

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Haven Restart

Post by Hina Fujiharu on Thu Mar 14, 2013 10:44 pm

The rumors are true, yes I'm back and thanks for the warm welcome ^^,

Anyway, I'm here to inform everyone that from March 17 to probably around March 23 (Haven Time), the site will be partly closed because we're going to finalize the changes. All boards will be closed except for Freetalk and Chatbox (so you guys can still hang around).





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The 3 Other Personalities:

~ Hikaru ~

Strength: Excellent
Speed: Below Average
Stamina: Average
Energy Source: Great
Intelligence: Poor

~ Fumiko ~

Strength: Poor
Speed: Excellent
Stamina: Below Average
Energy Source: Below Average
Intelligence: Excellent

~ Misora ~

Strength: Great
Speed: Great
Stamina: Average
Energy Source: Average
Intelligence: Poor

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