Luna Cruentus Mafia (L.C.M)

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Luna Cruentus Mafia (L.C.M)

Post by Djay Payne on Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:53 am

Basic Information
Name: Luna Cruentus Mafia
Group Creator: Djay Payne
Guild Headquarters: Undefined
Technique: Eden's Gift: Ascension
Weapon Skyhook

Group Master: Joshua Galvesar


Joshua Galvesar [Lord Unholy] - Order of Xul Tegas
Dainel Falmox

Raumulus [King of the Sky] - Sky Division

Djay Payne [Eye of Justice] - Branch of Genesis

Amethyst [The Dragoness] - General

Group Technique
Name: Eden's Gift: Ascension
Description: Member's of Luna Cruentis have all shared a piece of the fruit of Eden. This fruit gives their souls the ability to communicate with each other, enhancing their Energy Source by sharing it with the person who has the HIGHEST near them. While this ability is being used, the person who is sharing their ES MUST not be in combat and MUST be present within a meditative state.
Weakness: The main hub of ES must be in meditation. Any interruption can and will cause others sharing the ES to return to normal. Using the channeler's ES is still very stressful for him/her, and allowing more than 3 people on this link can cause the channeler to faint for 3 full posts. If the channel is cancelled the participants cannot access their ES-related abilities for a full post. The channeler MUST be present within the thread.
Range: Approximately 500 feet
Shop link / Thread Link: Group Free

Group Weapon
Name: Skyhook
Type: Skyhook?...
Weapon Skill:
While the weapon itself rotates to high enough speeds to rip through flesh and bone, the real ability revolves around the inner mechanical workings. Developed with the intention of gripping flexible metal zip-lines, the hook also has a function that allows the user to increase or decrease the viscosity of the air around it. Now you're wondering, "What does that do for me?" Well here are some prime examples:

Increasing Viscosity of Air: The air itself can be pocketed by the hook and released for a large "explosion-like" effect. If used in close range, acts like a shotgun blast, capable of causing a force so explosive that it can lift targets off of the ground and send them flying back.

Decreasing Viscosity of Air: Matter that travels through the modified air flow have their velocity ultimately increased and travel at higher speeds. (Ex: Punches fly MUCH faster, swords swing at higher speeds with less effort. About half the effort is needed for a normal attack)

Weakness: The Skyhook's magical runic alterations are still in a crude stage, and viscosity of the air can only be modified ONE way every post. Once the user has raised or lowered it, it cannot be changed until the user's next post. The effect's range is approximately 1 meter surrounding the user.
Extras: The Skyhook is capable of latching onto zip-lines mainly utilized by "the Vox", Luna's Head Airship in the Sky Division.
RP Link: Group Free

Group History

The Luna Cruentus, or Blood-red Moon, came from the ideal that the grim fates of those who suffer under the actions of the mafia group will lead to a world that will light the darkness of society. This metaphor, generated by the Mob boss himself, is the backbone of all the death and slaughter that will be justified by its inclinations. Why did such a cruel method arise from the depths of one’s criminal behavior? Well, it is the feeling that society’s mastery of technology does not generate safety, but rather plagues Haven with the unresting threat of extinction. And, it is because of this fear that force people to hide their sinful nature and lose their free will and choice, thus proving to be a dictatorship. Without this advancement, however, people will be left with the choice to thrive in bliss or embrace the darkness that is endowed to them at birth. Thus, the goal of the Luna Cruentus is to devolve all of Haven to a more primal state to ensure such a conclusion.

In terms of its actual creation, it is said that the Mob Boss generated the group with two others, one who shared the feelings that death was a necessity, and the other who joined to save a life. Together, they formed the Trifecta (the first generals of the mafia) and sought to create a reputation for each of them to have during the period of necessary chaos. All that is known about the true Mob boss is that he is filled with the pride of his actions and does not hesitate when lives must be taken. Those who are the hands that carry out the deeds of destruction only know that the Mob boss looks out for their safety as if they had been connected by blood itself. It is said that the Mob Boss plans to reward the members for their dedication and risk with anything that would feed their desires, but is this myth or a means of manipulation?

Currently, they are not known to Haven; however, the future will soon allow the ground to drink the blood spilt by their hands.

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Re: Luna Cruentus Mafia (L.C.M)

Post by Raumulus on Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:31 pm

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