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Pokemon Strategy Guide

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Pokemon Strategy Guide

Post by Gildemeir on Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:09 pm

As a sixth Generation of Pokemon is on the way, many things have changed since Blue and Red, specifically Battle Mechanics, Breeding and Strategy. As a long time veteran of the Pokemon Games, I'm here to spread my wealth of knowledge to those of you who have never played the games and may plan giving them a shot in the near future, or other fellow veterans who'd like to learn something new that will help enhance their game play. Today I will start on something rather simple, Your Team.


As many of us know, each trainer is allowed only six Pokemon on hand at any one time, making the decision on who you have in your roster will effect whether or not you win or lose. The best way to go about choosing your team are the types. There are 17 different types in all, and yet you can have only six on hand at a time, so getting all 17 individual types on a team is impossible, but fear not, there is a simple solution.

The majority of Pokemon are dual types (Those who have two types), creating a team composed of six individual Pokemon each with a dual type can help your chances. Poliwrath, for example is a Water/Fighting type. It can learn both Water and Fighting type attacks, giving it a slight advantage against your opponent. It can also learn a host of other attacks by breeding, move tutors and TM's(Technical Machine), which again, will aid you in combating several different types besides the obvious Fire type.

When starting your journey for the first time, normally the best selection among the Starter Pokemon, is the Fire type. Fire Types are rare in the wild and you won't run into any fire types in the beginning of your adventure. After that, it's simply a matter of time until you build your team around your starter, preferably ones that can cover each others weaknesses. Fire, Dragon, Water, Electric, Psychic and Rock/Steel types make a well balanced team that can give you an edge against trainers who specialize in a single type.

Also, most Pokemon can learn several different types of attacks, some can learn attack types that would be either super effective against themselves or not very effective. Charizard for example could learn Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse and Solarbeam, allowing it to deal damage to a wide variety of opponents. In the case of Solarbeam, while Charizard is weak against Water, Ground and Rock types, teaching it a powerful grass type move like Solarbeam allows you to cover for it's weaknesses and saving you from having to switch to a different Pokemon who will most likely be harmed once sent out.

Next week I shall discuss Breeding. Tune in and fill free to ask any questions you have over today's material.

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Re: Pokemon Strategy Guide

Post by Gildemeir on Fri May 17, 2013 12:42 am


Breeding was first introduced in the Gold and Silver games and since then has become more elaborate and challenging. You're probably asking yourself, "why should I breed when I can simply catch the Pokemon I want in the wild.?" Answer, Egg moves. Egg moves are a limited assortment of attacks that the intended Pokemon would normally never learn by leveling up. For example, if you breed a male Garchomp that knows Dragon Rush with a female Rhyhorn, Rhydon, or Rhyperior, the result will be a Rhyhorn that knows Dragon Rush. How is this possible? Simple, each breedable Pokemon are part of an "Egg Group." The Egg group shows which group each Pokemon can breed with in order to produce a viable egg. The Garchomp mentioned earlier belongs to the Monster and Dragon group, while the Rhyhorn family belong to the Monster and Field group. Because both belong to the Monster Egg Group, they are able to breed, but keep in mind that whatever species the female Pokemon will determine what the baby Pokemon will be.

There are also some items that can enhance the stats of the baby Pokemon even before it hatches. Have one of the parents hold Power Anklet, Power Band, Power Belt, Power Bracer or Power Weight. And if one of the Parents has a nature that is beneficial and you want to pass that to the offspring, have the chosen parent hold Everstone and it's nature will be passed on to the offspring.

The basics of breeding is this, Male Pokemon pass on moves, Females determine the species the offspring with be, and Ditto can breed with any Pokemon except for all Legendaries except Manaphy and Nidoqueen who strangely enough cannot be bred at all.

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