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Fraide, Masato, and Further Clarifications

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Fraide, Masato, and Further Clarifications

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:34 am

It's ZRi speaking. Hope your finals or vacation or your quest to evade the hammers falling from the sky courtesy of dear Real Life is going pretty well. Anyway, I'm here to bother your senses and bring more trouble in this already troubled tiny space in the internet.

1. New Fraide and Masato.

Yes, we have a new fried Fraide and macchiato Masato. Heading Forge is Vishnu, while Alteria will be under the scary loving hands of Spectre-K10. Hopefully they bring changes to these two countries which were left behind by the other powerhouses.

2. Ranks

Okay, we have to make things clear. EXCIDIO is not a special rank anymore that can be attained only by appointment of country leaders and can hold or lead armies. Currently Excidios are ordinary ranks attained by hardwork and ordinary means.

Don't cry yet. Country leaders, however, can appoint "generals" or whatever they want to call them. These people are --- to repeat --- handpicked by the leaders.

Generals - Generals are the most trusted men of a Country Leader who work closely with them. They are appointed by the Country Leader, and are given service weapons created and modified by the Country Leader. They are assigned to hold key positions in the army, or even secretaries of the Country Leader. When they lose their position, whether they retired or got booted out of service or the Country Leader they are serving resigns (either by will or forcefully), their service weapons are automatically removed from their possession and they go back to the rank before they were appointed.

A Country Leader can design two weapons for these people, but they can only give one person one weapon.

Guest is a country leader. He made two service weapons --- Weapon A and Weapon B. Then, he picked three members to be his generals, namely Apple, Banana and Carrot. Guest can assign Apple to Army 1, and give him Weapon A as Apple's service firearm. Guest can also assign Banana to Army 3 and give him Weapon B. But Guest cannot give to either Apple, Banana or Carrot both Weapon A and B.

Also, we beseech the hearts of the country leaders to please send us an updated description for your country. PM them to ZRi.

3. More on Country Leaders

NPC armies. We're sticking with 3 armies.

Powers. Yup, country leaders can also be regarded as board moderators since they can do the basic move-merge-split-delete-basket-sticky-announce actions. And yeah, also some basics like putting a bounty and kicking someone out of your military if they traitor-ed your country (they'll be fugitives then). But please inform us so we can do our job.

4. On the other news...

Okay, I need your attention everyone. If you need your character profile / sheet to be updated (such as change of group, we forgot to give your stats, etc.), please reply here. Yes, reply. I know you want to, because if you're going to wait for us to update all the sheets, you'll say "shit that's slow".

Also, if you have completed missions that are not yet cleared OR your rewards were not yet given, please reply here with the link of your mission-thread and the link of the mission you requested (those are two different things, mind you).

That's all, for now.

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Re: Fraide, Masato, and Further Clarifications

Post by The Morrigan on Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:57 am

My Group says Free Sky, I should be in Spectre's army that I've forgotten the name of. I'm such a bad member. >.<

The Morrigan

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Re: Fraide, Masato, and Further Clarifications

Post by Spectre-K10 on Sun Apr 21, 2013 10:13 am



Crimson Shadow...


(╯°□°)╯︵ Guest  
Leader of Alteria
Leader of Alteria

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Re: Fraide, Masato, and Further Clarifications

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:50 am

Okay, it's ZRi again for an update. The character profile/sheets of members who are affiliated with the groups Crimson Shadow and Luna Cruentus Mafia are finally updated --- well, partially. I've edited your groups, so hurrah.

I'll try to work on the miscellaneous, weapons and skills lataaah.

If you wanted to rush yours, feel free to post here with the links.

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Re: Fraide, Masato, and Further Clarifications

Post by Sponsored content

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