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Post by Dae on Thu Apr 25, 2013 5:09 am


”Breath Deep, Seek Peace.”

Prepare yourself for wonder beyond measure. Here on a lonely island undetectable to the technology of men a society has blossomed unlike any other on earth. On the island common technology ceases to work. Which is in part due to the mysterious nature of the island. However beyond the great reef that guards its shores lies a paradise free of war and built on the residents of the island, residents found nowhere else. Here dinosaurs still roam. On Dinotopia the great saurians failed to go extinct and have over thousands of years become sentient. Now they partner with humans to create an interdependent society of peace and understanding.

That isn’t to say all is well. Carnivores are kept out of the city and at bay through the use of sunstones. The sunstones, which have long provided light and protection, are beginning to fade. What is worse the stores of sunstones have emptied and now Dinotopia hangs on the verge of chaos. If the sunstones die then all of society will crumble, there will be no light and what is worse the protection they provide from the predators will vanish. The violent carnivores will sweep through the cities and destroy the carefully crafted peace.

Now it is up to those brave enough to find a new source of sunstones to save civilization on their peaceful island. They will have to look far and deep if they hope to save their home. That or they will have to discover how to save themselves. Will a new store of sunstones be found in time? Will the carnivores invade and wipe out the great cities of Dinotopia? Well that is in your hands adventurer, but you better be quick, there isn’t much time left.
(Based on the Dinotopia series by James Gurney)


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