[Code B] Thunder of War [L.C.M.]

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[Code B] Thunder of War [L.C.M.]

Post by galvesar on Sun May 05, 2013 6:01 pm

[Thunder of War]
Requirements:LCM members only Must have completed a C rank mission and be nexus or outlaw rank (Surge cannot take this mission)
Word Count: 3000 words Solo / Group 20 posts
Description: The vast battlefields of the Nether realm are in eternal conflict. The order of Xul Tegas seeks to spread its vile influence far beyond the realm of Haven attacking the very cosmic balance itself. Such grand ambitions require a vast effort. Djay has granted you access to the Nether realm at the request of the scion of electrical might Surge. The mighty god of power has requested your presence personally. You arrive at the wasteland of a city which appears to look like the ruins of Vauxhall city. In the center resides a giant black citadel of unholy design. Lightning strikes merely meters away from you creating a large crater. After the bright flash a man can be seen at the center of the electrical blast his body still energized with currents as he stands up tall before you. You recognize the sadistic instantly. Surge laughs maniacally as he approaches.

“You MADE IT~!!!! “ the lightning god curled in a bawl of psychotic laughter for a few seconds before smiling with violent excitement. “ Goood sooo Djay can provide some useful help after all...... don't go getting cocky now..... This is the big leagues now.....no mafia tricks are gonna work here ...” Surge clenches his fist with electrical power.” Only might makes right here ..and it just so happens... i could use your help. ..The order is making its way to the golden gates... Yes.. Heaven “ a smile of devilish glee over comes his face “ ....those so called innocent angels have asserted a passive dominance for far to long over man kind and us ancient gods...don't you think? Why don't you join me.. I'm planning a little party... were gonna burrow some of the Necro's black horde..and ...”shake things up a bit..” The lightning god directs your attention towards a glowing ivory tower in the distance. See that sickening piece of architecture... it was a outpost against hell....and well now...its stands against us. ...well that's were they are wrong NOTHING STANDS AGAINST US~!!!! lets have them choke on their own holy blood... the screams will be heard even in the plane of reality. Let us go....the black hordes are getting anxious.. and i can see it in your eyes.... Lets do this~!

Conquer the out post of the angelic hellguard and show the holy forces the blackness of Order..and the might of LCM~!


When the bleeding slows, preparation for decapitation can be started.
Continue the cut to the throat around the entire neck, from the jawline to the back of the skull.
Once muscle and ligament have been sliced away, the head can be cleanly removed by gripping it on either side and twisting it off, separation occurring where the spinal cord meets the skull.

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