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Post by Kyomei on Thu May 30, 2013 8:31 pm


Personal Information

Name: May Lynn

Nickname: Kyomei

Gender: Female

Visual Age: 27

Real Age: 27

Personality: Kyomei is an extreme liberal, anarchistic woman from the night life down in those bars by those parts of town your mother warned you about. She's critical of anyone in any position of authority, and she's not afraid to let people know about it. She hates capitalism, thinks pretty much every democracy ever put together was fixed or otherwise corrupt, and basically finds fault with everything she's not responsible for. All that said, she has a kind heart, and all her skepticism comes from a desire to make the world a better place. She loves alternative fashion (as anyone can tell by looking at her), lives in the night life, loves messing with people, and has a thing for computers.


Social Affiliation

Character Type/Race: Human

Guild: N/A

Country: Kyré

Individual Statistics

Strength: Average
Speed: Above Average
Stamina: Super Human
Energy Source: Poor
Magical Prowess: Poor

Character History

Background: Kyomei grew up in a middle class family, and had basically a normal life until she entered high school. In math class, her teacher always told students to show their work, so that even if they got the wrong answer, he could still mark based on the steps they took and how much of it they got right. She noticed how some suckup students seemed to get far higher marks for partially right answers than hers', even if they didn't even show as much work. This is what started her down the path of being skeptical about her teachers, then the principal, then adults in general. And as she grew up, this progressed to the government, businesses, basically anyone of authority. She got into clubbing and the night life, but her skepticism regarding most of the people there kept her safe.

She took a liking for computers and the internet, as a means of disseminating opinions and information without government intervention. As she grew older, this moved into hacking, cracking, and a general love of technology as the great equalizer and liberator. She even went as far as to have various technological implants, for practical use, and just because they're cool.


Family History: N/A

Family Crest: N/A

Family Members: N/A

KEYWORDS: -Yenomrah


Alternate Profiles: Carrie Akyla, Re-l Mayer, Countess Morgana, Makina and Ouri

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Re: Kyomei

Post by Princess Celestia on Fri May 31, 2013 3:38 am

This looks good, Carrie - nothing needs to be changed, as the stats are good and the history's plenty long. I'm approving this, and sending you to Kyré!

(Insert approval picture here.)
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