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Post by Xivaska on Wed Jun 12, 2013 6:13 am


Personal Information

Name: Xivaska (Sounds like Shii vah skah) (Surname discarded upon becoming a Valkyrie)

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Female

Visual Age: 19

Real Age: Forgotten, but older than 15000 years. (Time moves slower in Valhalla. 1 year there is 20 on Haven)

Personality: A bit antisocial by nature. Since she is a Valkyrie, she never really settles down anywhere or attempts to make friends, as she is constantly on the search for souls. Xivaska has little to no interest in human affairs, nor does she care much for humankind- or those who appear to be human. She has but one mission, and that is to find the souls of strong mortals who have died in glorious combat, and bring them to Valhalla. She wonders the earth in full armor, not afraid to show who- or what- she is. Only one thing matters to her, and that's strength. Love-wise, she tends to keep her affections to herself, and her work, however, she has a strong affection for the god Odin. If anyone insults Odin or any of the other Valhalla gods, she will defend their honor.

Xivaska also has an expert hand at craftsmanship, and has been known to be able to do what a rather seasoned craftsman can do in a week, in about a day or two. Usually, in order to make money, this is how she makes her living. She also has quite a proud, boisterous, personality, and is quite the drinker. When it comes to protecting the weak, she is usually one of the firsts that comes to their aid; she sees them as those who need protection of the strong. If a person has a strong-enough will and they are in need, she won't help them in battle, but she will try her best to give them the confidence in themselves to defeat their enemy.

Also, when it comes to getting information out of people—men especially- she is not afraid to do anything, and often uses her fit, curvy, figure, to it's fullest extent.

Appearance: Xivaska—though thousands of years old- appears to be a female about the age of 19 that stands at about 5'5” tall. She has a fit, busty, curvy appearance, making her very attractive. He hair is a natural icy-blue color and comes down right below her buttocks. Her eyes are a fiery amber color and appear to be glowing with energy. Xivaska's skin is very fair and clear of any blemishes or scars. She wears something that appears to be a black, leather, halter top, which leaves her upper-back back exposed.  This halter top has a metallic armor piece that goes along her breasts to protect her chest. She has shoulder guards on each shoulder. At her waist she wears a metallic, skirt-like fauld that is made up of black, leather, strips, with metallic plates on them. Attached to the left and right side of this fauld are two angel wing-type appendages, that flow to her ankle, and rest slightly above the ground. Although these angelic wings appendages do not allow her to fly, they can, however, extend when she falls to slow her descent. He legs armor comes up all the way to her thighs and is segmented into separate pieces which allows for easy moment. The poleyn—which guards the knee- has a spike (which makes a knee to the gut very painful!). This connects to an armored, lady-like, boot, with a three-inch heal and slightly-pointed toe. Her arms are covered by two, black, leather gloves, that have the fingers cut off, come up to about three inches above the elbow and metallic plates along the forearms for protection, as well as a spike at each elbow. The left glove has a medium-sized, round-shield constantly strapped to the forearm. While this can be removed, she rarely does it, as it doesn't get in the way.

While mostly seen in her armor, she can, however, be seen in civilian clothes as well. The style of these clothes depending on her mood.

Social Affiliation

Character Type/Race: Valkyrie

Guild:  N/A

Country: Deion

Individual Statistics

Strength: Average
Speed: Great
Stamina: Below Average
Energy Source: Below Average
Magical Prowess: Average

Character History

Background: It was thousands of years ago... Xivaska's village had been attacked during the night by a group of vicious demons. The men stayed behind to fight the invasion off, while the women and children ran to the safety of the docks. Xivaska, had remained behind, hiding inside of the house while her husband protected the village. From the window, she could see him get surrounded by a group of demons, and although he managed to take down most of them, one of them had impaled him with it's blade-like appendage. Instead of crying and breaking because of her husbands death, in a fit of rage, she grabbed one of her husband's swords and went to fight the beast. Killing it, she then went on to helping the others to killing off the remaining demons. She had suffered great wounds while battling, but none of them seemed to matter. It wasn't until the last demon had been slain that she had perished; her wounds too great for anyone to heal. Her display of valiance had pleased the gods and in the afterlife, she was given the chance to become a Valkyrie. She accepted, however, only with one condition. She would be the one to bring her husband's soul to Valhalla. And so it was. She became a Valkyrie, and such, was given the unique powers of a Valkyrie.

For thousands of years, she had roamed the planet in order to find the souls of deceased warriors. As time went on, however, it seemed as if technology had been replacing warriors all together... This made business rather slow, and the competition for warrior souls rather high. She sometimes finds herself in wait in various cities, now finding herself in {Insert City Name Here}. She remains there, waiting for the call of a warrior soul, taking on jobs of construction or something that requires her to use her hands.


Family History: N/A

Family Crest: N/A

Family Members: N/A

KEYWORDS: -Yenomrah


Alternate Profiles: Caelestis

Source: N/A

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Re: Xivaska

Post by Princess Celestia on Sun Jun 16, 2013 5:35 am

Approved, and you're now going to be in Deion. Good luck with the new character, Caelestis!

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