Aerth : Original Medieval Fantasy RPG

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Aerth : Original Medieval Fantasy RPG

Post by The Wren on Fri Jun 14, 2013 4:10 pm


Take a look at Aerth, an original medieval fantasy play by post rp forum.

 was created with the aim of having an RP forum in which the members and
 the characters can help shape the realm. With elves, dragons, humans,
and magic, not to mention or forget the political battles and threats of
 war that plague the kingdoms of man, step into a free form roleplay,
where you can create your own story along side an original fantasy

The lands of Aerth provide a varied backdrop to the
peoples who call it home, from vast deserts to the rainforests of the
south. Seek your fortune among volcanoes on the Fire Islands or the
glaciers of the lands of the Kartikans. Do you seek glory in the arena
and a chance to rise above being a mere slave? Or do you want to be able
 to play Attila the Hun (reimagined) and see what infamy he can bring to
 the game?[/i]

Check us out and let you creative energy burst forth!!

Be it high Fantasy or political drama, step into Aerth and help shape its future.

- Mature Content Allowed
- No Word Count
- Self Hosted
- Character plots encouraged
- Elves, Humans and Dragons
- Open to ideas on new species

The Wren

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