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Post by Midas on Sat Jun 22, 2013 12:47 am

The year is 2545, and mankind's reach into the galaxy has netted it thousands of worlds. Two ideas have taken root that have driven humans to extreme lengths to expand our species' power in the Galaxy, and against each other.

The first, introduced by the Invaders in the mid 21st century, was that Mankind is destined to become the next Galactic superpower, and reign for thousands of years as the dominant force. Mankind will hold the Crown of the Galaxy. Two nations rose, driven by this idea: The Concord, affirming that Mankind must achieve this through any means necessary, seeks to make all humans, regardless of their capabilities or history, equal in sharing and leading in this destiny; and the Theocracy, driving billions with the fervor in the faith that Mankind is divine, and all humans are the Chosen people in the galaxy.

The second, an idea first decided by the first colonists, is Earthright: Whichever nation Earth is a member of holds great power and legitimacy among all humans. Currently, that nation is the Commonwealth, dedicated to the perpetuation of its member states. The Commonwealth seeks to bring order and peace to Human space, even if that means tempering mankind's dreams.

As the three nations bicker and ready for war, profiteers and scoundrels seek to make their fortunes. Pirates from all walks of life have their targets picked out, and are ready to strike. But something-or someone-is leading the pirates, coordinating them. What glory awaits these swashbucklers of the stars?

These powers are to see their enemies crushed before them. But they need officers, leaders of skill and vision, to command their starships and armies; Engineers, people of science and imagination, to design their engines of war, trade, science, and exploration; Politicians, planners of foresight and guile, to create paths for the future and through these dark times; and students, pupils of these great men and women, to be the best and brightest, and claim their destiny!

How will you play?

We are currently testing our mechanics. Testers will have access to more gameplay options as the game comes to full playability, so join now!



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