The Mortal Instruments RPG

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The Mortal Instruments RPG

Post by admin on Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:49 pm

h o m e
r u l e s
f a c e . c l a i m s
f a q

t h e . p l o t 

Following the discovery of Aline Penhallow’s body on the doors of the New York Institute, the Shadowhunter’s must band together to discover what has provoked this vicious attack. They fear this may mark the return of Jonathan Morgenstern, along with a newly reformed Circle, and they opt to seek help from the Clave.
Though, it seems the Clave may be hiding some secrets of their own as Maryse Lightwood returns from Idris to announce that Max’s grave marker has been defaced, in some sort of twisted game against them. 
It feels as though the ones they had always been taught to trust are no longer looking out for the best interests of the Shadow World. And as a war threatens to shatter the truce of the long held accords, Shadowhunter’s and Downworlder’s alike are growing agitated.
Has Jonathan returned with a vengeance? Will the Clave disprove the suspicions against them? And as war looms, where will allegiances lie?
You decide.


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