Ascending Chaos (Supernatural S3 AU Jcink)

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Ascending Chaos (Supernatural S3 AU Jcink)

Post by Cat Admi on Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:28 am

Accending. Chaos is based on Supernatural Season 3 alternate universe, John is helping Azazel by keeping the children he gave demon blood safe. But that's not all John is helping to do he is also helping Azazel break the seals and release Lucifer from his cage. Meanwhile Sam and Dean are still dealing with the fact that their father is helping the demon that killed their mother and Sam's girlfriend, But they knew that they couldn't sit around at Bobby's anymore that they had to send all the demons back to hell and stop Lucifer from escaping from his cage. Once Dean fixed his car they started searching for the demons and stop them from breaking the seals.

While they are on a case they meet an angel named Castiel, with his help they hope to stop the demons, but little they know the angels are also in on the plan and will do all thy can to stop the brothers from stopping the demons in their plan. With Yellow eyes, the demons and the Angela against the, the odds don't look to good for them but that won't stop them from trying to save the world and stop the end of the world.





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