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The Post-Apocalyptic RPG[Affiliate]

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The Post-Apocalyptic RPG[Affiliate]

Post by Glowing One on Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:42 am

First of all, thank you for reading this. This is my first attempt at making a forum-base RPG game.

"What is this? Where am I?"

This is a Post-Apocalyptic RPG based in the Fallout games franchize universe. The year is 2277. 200 years ago, a Great war destroyed everything, turning the Earth into a nuclear Wasteland. Any life form from above has either been extinct, or mutated into horrifiying new creatures - mutants. You are in what is left of the United States of America. Living in an underground shelter, called a Vault, you finnaly emerge to te surface, ready to create your own path. You can be either a raider, a soldier in the new USA government called the Enclave ,or a soldier in the Brotherhood of Steel - the opposition of the tyranic way of rule of the Enclave. You can even turn into a mutant, if you're not careful.

What the forum offer as for now:
-A highly in-depth RPG game, offering many ways to gain money, eqiupment and do quests.
-A PvP Playground, with no penalties if you lose.

Note: The forum is still very early in its creation phase. You can call it ALPHA. I've created a feedback and OOC zone for those who are willing to help me and stay in the forum.

Glowing One

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