Across the Lands [Link Back]

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Across the Lands [Link Back]

Post by ATL MOD on Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:16 pm

Across The Lands is a brand spankin’ new Fantasy M/M RPG. We are a flexible, fun board where you can be free to RP out your fantasy! Across The Lands takes place in the land of Netarōús where the current relationships between the races are being torn apart by a cruel tyrant human king obsessed with gain at any cost. A powerful and mighty race has almost been completely lost, and one is even unaware, floating above in the skies.

However, unknown to the big players, individuals of each race are out on foot, traveling the lands and meeting one another. Perhaps the land of Netarōús still has a chance-with the fall of the evil King Jestronin.

Join our forum! Choose from any one of our races, RP out your character’s story, find love, fulfill your own goals, or join in the rebellion! It’s all up to you!

No matter what it is you do, a question must be begged. Why has Jestronin, a once timid, kind man, become so evil? What could have caused his change…

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