Berk's Dragons!

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Berk's Dragons!

Post by RKB on Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:28 am

Hey there Dragon Trainers!

I come to you bringing forth a wonderful Roleplaying Forum dedicated to the wonderful franchise of How To Train Your Dragon! I give you:

Berk's Dragons.

We've scrounged as much from the canon as possible, to give you a real fulfilling experience with us, so you really feel a part of the Viking life on Berk, or maybe even Hysteria, our Dragon Killing tribe across the seas! The possibilities are endless! We have brilliantly disastrous Dragon Training lessons, with the Viking-In-Trainings learning how to defend themselves against angry dragons, as well as taming and learning about them! We have a devious Deadly Nadder that skulks around the village causing havoc, and of course the Outsiders who bring their own culture and knowledge to this desolate Viking world!

Will you help or hinder the animosity between two islands? Will you choose to train a dragon, or scorn the firey beasts?

We even have a DeviantArt Group for all your creative needs!

Come, make new friends and discover new adventures that await you on Berk!


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