Black Skys

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Black Skys

Post by Brink on Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:14 pm

Black Skys

Current Plot

We fight together, through the pain the heartache and the good times we fight together. Your species, your brother was always and still is the motto off Kuro after the wars. Most thought everything would change most tried to live among other races and even love....but that did not turn out so well. The Silver Kingdom though stood it's ground in the war only fueled them making them stronger but at what cost? The Perfects closed off there city and were never heard from again some say they have began training an elite squad off shinobi. The Riser well they just kept pushing brute force can get you a long way.....but the races of old will be wiped away and a new generation will come in, welcome the new species.

The Story
Set in a futuristic world that has just witnessed the end of a massive war. The main kingdoms have all fell due to the massive world war, the Species are still intact but have no leaders no one to guide them. With hungry Warlords rising from the shadows and new Species cleaning the ashes of old. Who will take over the world and reclaim glory for this world, or who will bring down a swift strong hand of injustice crippling the world bending it's people to there will to gain power. it is all up to you, fight to unite the world or fight to destroy it or even fight for the riches and fame either way the world of Kuro rest in the hands of the new Generation.

What Choice's Will You Make?

Black Skys

What We Offer

  • We allow user's to make their own custom races.
  • Fun and original type off role play
  • Plots for each custom race along with a main plot to top it off.
  • We allow you the choice to make any species from any anime or TV show within reason of course.
  • Fun and Active


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