My Little Pony: Griffon Kingdoms

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My Little Pony: Griffon Kingdoms

Post by Tesshu on Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:28 am

Set in an alternate universe where harmony failed and the sins of war prevail. The Griffon Kingdoms takes you on a journey among ruins of the once great city known as Manehatten and blood stained fields.

1. Play as many races such as Changelings, Donkeys, and even Dragons!
2. Breathtaking amount of lore for the Griffons, Ponies, and including other races!
3. A large playgound!

Now I told you some of the amazing features I should tell you our site plot!

"Four years have passed since the Griffons were crowned victorious in Equestria. Four years since the end of the great war that slowly rolled over the continent, enveloping it in blood and cannonades.

The city of Manehattan is the focal point of our story. A city of five million, reduced through war and attrition to five hundred thousand. The occupiers, in the Council of Five work diligently to see that their work is done; work quotas to be toiled by the ponies, tax quotas to be paid to their coffers, food quotas to stuffed down their mullets. The griffons plod into the city from the North at a leisurely pace, slowly assuming the city as if it were theirs.

But under the very earth of Manehattan, a great upheaval is forming. A monstrous belly dug out of the stone and sewers of the city's foundation itself calls itself the Undercity; and here, the rebellion foments. Even now, the Rebellion's leader in Manehattan, Silver Lining, is calling out to everybody willing to stand up and fight, and more and more hear her. Safe from griffon eyes, they grow and prepare for taking their home back."

I hope we have appealed to your interest and that we have an wonderful time <3


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