(One last roleplay?) ChesterKaosu in Diamond Mountain?

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(One last roleplay?) ChesterKaosu in Diamond Mountain?

Post by ChesterKaosu on Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:08 am

OOC: So really quick. Wanna sneak a roleplay in. Cause I'm evil like that. :D Hope you enjoy it while it lasts.

IC: Chester hiked to the the diamond mountain of what he thinks is his country, though he's not sure since he's been away so long fighting among friends, battling in wars, and pretty much lost in the huge world he doesn't originate from. He sits at the base of a cave. Deep inside is where he plans to make graves for the friends he has lost in battle. It's strange how this mountain felt almost like home to him. Looking into the diamond glass reflections he got a strange feeling. Something that he wasn't quite sure was. He sets his wooden crosses on the ground and touches the edges of the cave looking into the diamond that reflected his image.

"Why do I feel like I've seen this somewhere..." he wondered as he looked closer at his reflection memories forgotten came to him.

"Ashuri. . . my queen, please don't be sad. I must go find Alaina. She's the queen after all." a familiar line plays in Chester's mind.

"Ashuri?" Chester asked himself trying to remember as the diamond reflections start to show Chester images.

A girl with short blond hair and red eyes in a red dress grabs a man that looks like a much maturer version of Chester, if he had been an inferno. But, the inferno Chester vanishes into a mirror as Ashuri screams his name.

"KAOSU!!!" Ashuri screamed as the image fades.

Chester backs away from the diamond reflections confused, but he has heard of the name Kaosu... He remembered him. Kaosu was Chester in that world, the world he belonged to, however, this world doesn't accept Kaosu. It only accepts Chester. Chester sat down on the ground trying to remember his relationship with the other him.

"I died during the Medieval Era... but I came back somehow and next thing I know I'm was sort of in my world, but ever now and then I'd disappear. But here... It's only me and my master Sergy." Chester tried to rationalize.

"Perhaps... It wasn't Sergy who saved me, but actually Kaosu... He's stuck in my body, but this world will not allow him to surface. Probably because he's a the prince of chaos. And maybe thats why... Alaina is my soulmate." Chester continued starching his head.

"Or maybe I'm just going crazy and this is how my brain deals with grief and pain." Chester nodded accepting this logic as truth, "It's probably that." he agreed and sat up and picked up his wooden crosses.

"I wonder if there is a rule against putting up random markers or something. Sigh... Well... I guess I'll find out." he nodded and headed into the cave.

It was beautiful and almost eerie at the same time. There was reflections of himself everywhere and rainbow lights from the sun hitting the diamond just right. It was a stunning sight to see. But the reflections made Chester uneasy as if he was watching himself from inside the reflections, which made no sense. It almost felt like Kaosu lived in those reflections watching Chester with his eyes. It was creeping Chester out. He quickly went deeper and deeper into the cave, where sunlight could not reach not sure what to except. He found himself inside a huge base inside the cave and froze. He wasn't sure if he should be here. He could get in trouble easily. He looked around for life and hoped that no one would be inside, so he could just do his thing and get out, but it's never quite so easy for Chester.


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Re: (One last roleplay?) ChesterKaosu in Diamond Mountain?

Post by Colt Strangelove on Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:20 am

A small dimensional rift tore through the fabric of space, allowing a glimpse of a world not like Haven. The rift looked like it harbored stars on a dark sky, but clouds of toxic purple drifted across. Creatures of alien design could be seen passing in the background.

A fully armored being began climbing through the rift, the rift itself rippling like a disturbed pond. First his hand pierced through the barrier and soon the rest of him followed. He stepped out casually as if walking though any mundane door. His armor was made of demonic material and gave off a darkened shine. Purple orbs that bear likeness to eyes adorn the armor.

Having noticed the other person in the small cave, he pointed an accusing finger and said, "What are you doing loitering in a place like this?" A small echo could be heard as his voice resounded within his closed, bird-like helmet, only two bright purple orbs indicating his glare.

Kill him now.

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