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    Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:04 pm
    Message by The Paladin - Forge Special Ranks
    Undying Contract: Contracting Upgrade.
    "Undying Contract: Contracting Upgrade.":

    Name: Undying Contract [Upgrade]
    Description: Undying Contract takes Contracting to another level, The Contractor can bind the very life force, soul, and sentience of a subject to a nonliving humanoid form. Through the Contract, the subject is perfectly loyal to Cain and by extension, her goals (The protection of Forge and those within). The Contract cannot be undone unless the Contract is "Dismissed" by Cain, and then adding a cancellation to the bottom of the contract, then reactivated. Another method is available, that is a Temporary Contract that is active for a limited time.
    They do not age anymore, naturally, and do not feel pain. They don't need to eat, sleep, breath, or anything to support the Frame. Those are all weaknesses of the mortal flesh they once had... However, Contractees can be bound to a Corpse or dead body, effectively creating a Zombie. In such cases, the defiling of Life is enough to cause a disturbance in arcane balances, and the Zombie/Skeleton will be inflicted with the ability to create other Zombies by Biting, the Zombies then would also be bound by the same Contract. Zombies created in the second-hand way are still living, but much more semi-mindless with only the Contract in mind "Serve Cain" in the most blunt and obvious way they can do in their own semi-mindless ways. Much like a Cat may bring a dead mouse and leave it by your feet.
    Weakness: The subject retains anything named in the Contract, if the subject forgets to list something it is lost, as this is heavily reliant on the contract itself with little done by Cain save for the activation of the power.
    Naturally, Contractees need to be willing.
    The actual power of the Undying part comes from the fact that they don't die until 75% of the "Frame" they are bound to is destroyed. as such something like a wooden frame would provide a lesser effect, while say a steel frame could be preferable.
    Sometimes, Zombie contracts can get out of hand and start an infection outbreak. Though this is easily taken care of by Cain via Dismissing the contract of the first zombie that started the plague. Cain does not have any special control or sense over the Contractee unless specified in the contract. (As stated, the contracts themselves are the source of the power... Say a Zombie Contract could simply create a rabid zombie, not mixed with any special motives or anything).
    Range: Touch.
    Shop link:

    Undying are subject to the Undying Contract upgrade to Contracting, Cain's ability.
    Undying possess 3/5/3

    Undying Astartres
    Undying Astartres are as above, but also possess the Astartres armor located in the Guild Weapon for the Union of the Night Sun, which is bound to their Necronite frame, which is larger then normal.
    They possess 4/6/5

    Undying Destroyer
    Name Undying Destroyer
    Type Military Unit: Special Tank
    The Undying Destroyer is a special Undying frame mounted on a Hovertank base. It is fitted with a few minor laser capability, and one Light Ray generator. Otherwise the feature of the Undying Destroyer is to utilize the energies behind its own nature into a large Main Cannon that fires a green beam of energy that appears a mixture of plasma and electricity.
    This Undying Cannon can drill itself through nearly any form of Matter... However it is completely stopped by even minor Energy defenses.
    There are 720 Undying Destroyers.

    Undying Destroyers are as Undying, but they are bonded to a Tank like Hover platform to their Necronite frame, which infuses them with boosted power.
    They receive a Destroyer Cannon in addition.
    They possess 5/nl/nl
    Destroyer Cannon

    Name: Destroyer Cannon

    Type: Energy Cannon
    Ability: the Destroyer Cannon can fire a maintained beam of green plasmic energy, half plasma, with a lot of electricity and necrotic arcane power.
    The Destroyer Cannon deals insane damage, and can drill through almost any form of matter at a rate of one inch a second for heavy armor plating and the like, five inches a second for living flesh. So a typical swipe of the beam can kill the typical NPC human and all its friends in the same room in seconds.
    Weakness: The Destroyer Cannon's beam IS partially magic in nature, and is heavily energy based. It can be totally deflected by an average Mirror (assuming it was nice and clean), assuming the mirror squarely blocks the beam. So a hand mirror wont do. but say a mirrored shield would. (A mirror at least one foot in diameter.)
    Beam can be maintained for five posts, with a two post recharge.
    Shop Link:

    Undying Wraith
    Name Undying Wraiths
    Type Special Unit
    Wraiths are Ghosts who became Undying, and bonded especially well to a special Necronite frame.
    They are always capable of: Flight or at least levitation, Phasing and to a lesser degree simple invisibility. They also have a unique trait: Umbrakinesis, manipulation of Life energy.
    They also share abilities from previous incarnations as either Ghost and/or Psibody.
    But their biggest traits are Phasing and Invisibility in addition to Umbrakinesis. With Umbrakinesis they can steal the life from others, especially typical humans (NPCs). And with their Phasing, they can go places others can't and... well, as quietly as Death itself.
    There are about 50 Wraiths in all Forge military.

    Undying Wraiths are the most potent of the Undying.
    They receive a few granted powers and they possess 4/nl/nl otherwise.
    Granted Powers:

    Name: Phasing
    Description: Undying Wraiths can shift their form from corporeal to incorporeal. Incorporeal, they can hover through walls and are unaffected by gravity. When Incorporeal, they are immune to physical attacks unless by other incorporeal sources. This includes bullets, blades, arrows, ect. When Phasing, Light passes through them though they still register it as it passes, making them invisible.
    Weakness: When Phasing, they cannot physically effect anything either. To inflict physical influence, they must become Corporeal again. They can still be damaged by nonphysical means, psychic assault, energy weapons, fireballs, ect. It is simply blunt force, slashing, piercing, ect such effects that they are not effected by.
    Range: Personal

    Name: Umbrakinesis
    Description: The manipulation of Death energy. This can be used to kill typical NPC's outright, or deal Necrotic damage to creatures proportionate to their Energy Source, using ES instead of STA as defense. Necrotic damage causes the skin to blacken and wither, taking on infectious appearance after a time if the person is still living and the body tries to repair the necrotic damage.
    Necrotic damage is hard to heal normally, but Regeneration or medical treatment can repair the damage.
    Umbreakinesis can steal Life Force and store it within the users body. Stolen life force is proportionate to the damage dealt. Should Umbrakinesis slay a creature, their soul is captured. Umbrakinesis damages Ghosts or other Spirit beings normally, if not more so.
    Weakness: Umbrakinesis cannot effect Divine beings, or beings with a combined ES and INT greater then the users combined ES and INT. The user generates death energy about themselves, they are more susceptible to Light powers/abilities/spells including LASER weapons, flash grenades, and sunlight. When in Sunlight, Umbrakinesis cannot function.
    Range: Sight, you must be able to clearly see their eyes. "Eyes are the windows to the soul".

    Telepathy Minor
    Name: Telepathy, Minor.
    Description: Minor Telepathy is very simple. You can speak to a targets mind, and they can choose to speak back. Just as if you were talking in person. However, it is mental and cannot be overheard unless by a more powerful Telepath.
    Range: None, you simply need to know, see, hear, or otherwise perceive the desired recipient, though they must be willing to receive telepathic communication.

    Telekinesis Minor
    Name: Minor Telekinesis
    Description: Minor Telekinesis. The ability move solid objects with your mind.
    Weakness: Does not effect gasses, or Liquids. Can only manipulate up to 50lbs total, however it can manipulate the object as quick as a thought, and at any speed the object has traveled at before. So if you manipulate a pen, it can typically travel maybe 45mph due to its ride in a delivery truck from the factory. However, that pen may have been in the pocket of a jet pilot at one point and can travel at mach 8 or something. The most common high speed is Falling speed, as most objects have been dropped at one point.
    Range: 30yard radius.

Rank: Retired Staff
Retired Staff